15.4” HeatShift Laptop Bag with Memory Foam & Cooling Pad

The woot bots are working hard today avg woot time about 4-5 mins!

That’s awfully cruel of you to feature a 15.6" laptop, then a 15.4" bag.

Can this be used as an emergency flotation device? ;~)

Got this some Woots ago for the teenage daughter. She likes the bag and uses the pad all the time. So far she has had problems with the computer overheating like it did prior to this. Guess it was a good buy

After exiting put your arms through the straps hugging the cushion to your chest bend over and kiss ur cooled arse good bye.

Review: http://reviews.cnet.com/cases-bags/thermapak-memory-foam-laptop/4505-19214_7-33378011.html
Found this online for about the same price and as high as $54.99

I bought one of these a few wootoffs ago. Still use it. It’s an awesome case.