15 Bottle Black Scroll Iron/Smoked-Glass Wine Table

15 Bottle Black Scroll Iron/Smoked-Glass Wine Table
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PRODUCT: 1 15 Bottle Black Scroll Iron/Smoked-Glass Wine Table

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no no no…

And the woot off killer arrives! Unless of course the inventory is is 2.


(edit)… puzzling. I retract my earlier comment. This Woot! defies all regional and demographic stereotypes…

Or it’s a 2 day woot off :slight_smile:

The word holymoleythatthingisugly comes to mind.

Woot-offs are so much more stressful now that I don’t know to look for the decanter to end it. Thank God for screaming monkeys on woot proper to check for.

After searching and failing to find a decent wall-mounted wine rack, I saw this on the normal wine.woot and snatched it up. I ended up really liking it! The top of my table now holds a few glasses and specialty tequila, which is great because it means you don’t even notice that silly star pattern stuff. It’s very sturdy too.

Lordy be! If this thing were free, I’d have to struggle to find a place to put it. It would be lovely patio decor but I don’t really fancy storing that much wine out in the sun. At least I can feel safe going to bed and not missing any really exceptional woot-off items, as this thing is going to take ages to sell out.

Man…this is going nowhere! The only reason I still have this up is the hope of caramels.

great, now I am going to have to stay up til 1 am to make sure they don’t sneak something else in!!! Oh woot gods… why couldn’t you put this up around 12:30 so I could go to bed in peace?

This looks like something from my grandparents house (not that that’s a bad thing…)

I’d be willing to buy two Woot bags of crap if it meant getting this thing off the page! Woot! Woot!

me too!!!

How many of this do they have to sell before posting the next woot??

Someone start buying these. Come on, you know you want them!

Will this comfortably support a microwave and a toaster oven (stacked on top of each other)? If so I may buy one just to keep things moving…

yawn… seriously woot?