$15 Callaway Golf Shoes for Big & Small Feet

great more golf shoes for giants and little feet people.

ack, never Mens 15. I am just too small of a giant.

WTF? How about some shoes that fit normal human beings?

Does anyone know the comparable inches to shoe size? I’ve looked at the Callaway site but don’t see anything.

Are the pink shoes a size 6.5 or a size 13? Says both.

Sorry for the late answer. It’s a 6.5. The sale has been fixed.

What does a size 17 and 18 compare to in inches? 8? 9? 10?

I may have found the answer for this question. It appears that size 17 and 18 are actually size 17 and 18…they’re just really large shoes.

Any chance of adding these to my order from yesterday since I unlocked free shipping with a wine.woot order? :slight_smile:

(doesn’t hurt to ask)


ack, never Boys 5 1/2. I’m just too small of a something.

Sorry, we don’t have a way to initiate orders but if you order, email support@woot.com and explain. Link them to my post. They’ll probably take off the $5 shipping.