15" Notebooks

Does anyone know anything about the Dell XPS 15-9530? This thing is $2499 on Dell’s site. I’m looking for a QHD laptop and this one has a nice SSD and video card

It’s supposed to be pretty decent. Not having a num-pad is a dealbreaker for me, so I’d never get it, but I definitely would get one myself otherwise.

Got mine in December. It has a nice screen, SSD, AC wifi and mine was a I7 4702QH this is w/ 4712. I saved about a $1000 and have had no issues with it being factory reconditioned. The battery is not the best, and it makes a whirling sound, but its certainly beasty. I have no regrets as it can handle anything and is light to carry.

You had me sold on it - just went to click buy and they are all gone. Back to my search…