15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Knife Sharpener

15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Knife Sharpener

The Wirecutter names this model as their recommended pick.


Hi all. we accidentally set this up as refubished but it’s NEW!

Get yourself a sharpener!

$70 New?! If I didn’t already have one, I’d buy it. Love mine. Don’t listen to hand sharpening elitists. This thing rocks!

Sad that I missed this. Hopefully it comes around again.

Hi there. We have some different ones in our garage sale if you’re interested.


I’m pretty set on the XV based on reviews that I have read.

Well shit,
The Chef’s Choice 130 is probably my third choice and I missed it earlier this week.

We have some models going on sale tonight at midnight in an event on the home page.

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