1500 Watt Phoenix WiFi Enabled Heater

1500 Watt Phoenix WiFi Enabled Heater

I just installed two of these in the upstairs rooms of our 200 year old Maine house. Those rooms have no direct heat (typical), getting what they do get via convection up the stairs. There is also no easy way to tie into the existing heat downstairs.

While we’re renovating (and not yet moved in) I keep the house cold overnight at 55℉. The back upstairs room gets down to 48 or so. When I fire up the Phoenix (remotely of course via its WiFi connection), it warms the room to 60 in pretty short order. We’re quite pleased.

Since we’re renovating, I did add in dedicated receptacles for a cleaner install.

Here’s one. The wall was just stripped of wallpaper and hasn’t been repainted yet, so pardon the rough appearance.


Is it just radiant heat? OR does it have a fan of sorts to push the hot air out?

Fan. It ramps up and down as needed. It’s pretty quiet as far as I am concerned. Air comes in the sides through filters and pushed out the bottom.

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