16-in AG Pool System with Cotton Tails Media, Blue

16-in AG Pool System with Cotton Tails Media, Blue

I was thinking of trying this as a stand alone debris (mainly leaves) filter for spring clean up of my in-ground. Yes, I do have a cover. But the landscapers still manage to blow a lot of leaves under the cover despite my protests. Now, being of a science mind, volume comes as cubic somethings. The description gives volume in pounds of sand??? Conversion of sand weight (75 lbs) to volume (50 lbs=0.5 cubic feet or 1 standard 50 lb sand bag) yields 108 cubic inches. Not sure how much debris the fluff balls will hold and I don’t plan on using them. I cannot find a picture of the inside of of the vessel to see how it keeps the media from flowing out the out port. And is the pump pre or post vessel? There are no dimensions. There are no reviews anywhere and there are pictures elsewhere (eg Home Depot) that show a different top in 2 different pictures. This alternate top is what was pictured the last time WOOT tried to sell this unit. I remember because I commented on it then.

I think I posted this last time?


Yes that is the post. It shows that the top of the vessel does not match in both pictures. The opened top has a valve system where the closed one does not. And my wife says I have early Alzheimer’s . Memory like a steel trap. You too Thighs.

Right. We’re selling the one shown on our photos. :slight_smile: