¡C Señor!

¡C Señor!

Chance Creek Mendocino Sauvignon Blanc 6-Pack
$64.99 $115.00 43% off List Price
2010 Chance Creek Redwood Valley Sauvignon Blanc, Mendocino County

Coordinates Dry Creek Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2-Pack
$34.99 $80.00 56% off List Price
2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, Dry Creek Valley

Casale Pozzuolo Tuscan Sangiovese 3-Pack
$55.99 $100.00 44% off List Price
2007 Rosso della Porticcia Riserva – Montecucco DOC
2008 Rosso della Porticcia - Montecucco DOC

Calstar El Dorado County 2008 Zinfandel 4-Pack
$59.99 $115.00 48% off List Price
2008 Alta Zin, El Dorado County

Here’s the last offer of the Coordinates CS:


Included is my review. Long story short, worth the $20 if you like oaky CS.

Okay for openers almost done with this vintage of Alta Zin, so don’t wait. Now on to current tasting notes Blackberry fruit, brambles, full ripe tannins and nice length with balanced acidity.

My notes from previous Chance Creek offer:

2010 chance creek Sauv blanc
Context: SB is my favorite varietal but I’ve only had experience with CA and NZ versions

11AM in Los Angeles, 80 degrees outside!
Pop n pour from fridge:
Color: clear pale yellow
Nose: muted since a bit cold but wife says smells clean and fresh…

after swirling I’m getting some pineapple, stone fruit, some slight lavender? I get some popcorn there…buttered one from the microwave…slight though
Spring flowers according to wife

Taste: slight viscousness feel o. The tongue, a bit of heat but not in a bad way, sour lemons…nice acidity…Wife likes it.

Not your typical C tropical fruit Sauv nor a NZ grassy Sauv…something in the middle? Very crisp and enjoyable. NO RS I assume and no perceived sweetness either…which is my style. The back label says a splash of viogner added which had me a bit worried about sweetness. None there…

15 minutes at room temperature…getting more fruit but not strong aRomatic wine…does not jump outta me like some other vigneron wines so I suspect less than 5% is added to the blend. .

Wine has nice thick legs which makes sense since label says it spent some time in oak barrels…no oakiness to speak of though the viscousness is due to the oak…very nice mouthfeel…not cloying or heavy on the palate

Taste: heat all gone…not sour but tangy…definite citrusy reminds me of the Dusani Pinot grigio i had previously from WW crossed with a crisp, Sauv blanc…Now getting grapefruit…big

Wife: smells like wine country…when we are driving and roll windows down…
Smooth finish…acidity is balanced…winery $25 b/c organic willing to pay $15. Compared o other SB we’ve had she gave it a 7/10.

Note: we opened a buttonwood 2010 Sauv blance signature blend (alc 14.7% and 91 SB and 11 semillon) that was 12 msrp and paid 9 club member. Wife tasted side by side and preferred chance creek. She also guessed 18/bottle for the buttonwood…just so you know where she is coming from

Verdict: very enjoyable and would definitely be in if the price is right. I would guess $16 winery price…so $12 delivered is what would make me pull the trigger

Drank a bottle over the last couple of days and it was yummy! Hope they sell more :slight_smile: