16ga Finish Nailer/ Compressor

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16ga Finish Nailer/ Compressor
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4.3 Stars over at Home Depot

Can other attachments be used with the compressor (i.e. wrench or to air up a tire) or is this only for nailers?

It’s a fairly standard compressor - the limit will depend on the requirements of the tool in question. You will easily be able to fill tires or use small low-flow tools like air wrenches, but for some things like sanders, etc this may not pack enough flow.

how about as a computer cleaner, with the right tip?

How big a computer are you looking at? :slight_smile: You can get inexpensive combo packages with a hose and several tips, including a “blower nozzle” at your favorite big box retailer. I got mine from Sears. They’re not for heavy duty use, but a blower nozzle is great for blowing sawdust off your workstation, or dust dust out of computer: a very large computer, or maybe 10 or 15 regular computers.

Long/short: I wouldn’t buy this just to blow dust out of a computer. My father-in-law bought me just the compressor for Christmas 2014. It’s ideal for what I need: bringing car tires up to pressure, airing up sports balls for my kids, blowing leather dust off my work bench, light duty nail guns, etc. He (a carpenter, and all around handy dude) told me not to expect to run an impact wrench (to change tires) very well, and that the tank would need to refill a couple of times.

I got this same compressor and nail gun (with another smaller gun and crown stapler) a few months ago from a woot deal (I also added a pin nailer to the collection later). The compressor didn’t work upon arrival due to one of the motor brushes being out of place. I was able to fix it and it has worked great for me since then. I am redoing all the wood trim in my condo and this is just what I needed. It is light enough to haul around with ease, and holds plenty of air for me to do a large number of baseboards before needing to refill. I’m using 18ga 2" brad nails in the supplied gun and it has worked flawlessly to this point.

My only complaint is that it didn’t come with the hose hanger as is pictured in the image, the power cord could stand to be longer, and that the pvc hose it comes with is not very flexible. It is rather rigid and cheap feeling and was replaced with a more forgiving rubber hose.

I used to have a small (1 gal) campbell hausfeld (sp) compressor that was loud and slow. Comparatively speaking, this compressor is bigger, faster, much much quieter, and really not that much heavier. For your light to medium duty needs, this is a pretty good unit, IMO.

Just FYI, I own this compressor. A common problem is that the entire regulator assembly (something Porter Cable calls a manifold, which retails for about $40) needs to be replaced because one plastic part fails, but they don’t sell that part separately. IMO, it’s something of a scam.

When it works, this compressor is fine, but for the price I’d look elsewhere and research common problems before buying.

A good little compressor and nailer but not much of a deal at all especially for a used item. A brand new one is currently selling at Home Depot for $199 and includes 3 different nailers plus you can take it back if there’s a problem.

I bought one last time it was on woot with the 3 nailer combo and I have used it multiple times in my woodshop.

IMO you def. need to replace the tank valve (stock is screw type) with a quarter turn value, which is about $10 from amazon: http://smile.amazon.com/dp/B00AF1QUKS/ref=sr_ph?ie=UTF8&qid=1422389125&sr=1&keywords=porter+cable+compressor+valve

The screw valve just takes so long to open and close, = you don’t do it very often, meaning moisture is in your tank and will cause it rust, eventually failing = possible explosion. We all know ourselves, if it takes too long for maintenance, it doesn’t get done. The quarter turn is so quick an easy, it is a must. Should be stock. Just the time it saves you is worth the $10, plus it will extend your tank life.

I agree with the hose, but that is a common problem to all inexpensive compressors, as well as cord length. Just do yourself a favor and get a nice lay-flat hose and then you can connect it to the stock hose so you now have a 50 or 80 foot total hose length and you leave the air compressor in the next room over right next to the outlet. Nice and quiet for you to work.