16pc Dinnerware Set - Cardinal & Holly

I urge caution if you are contemplating the Cardinal & Holly set.

I have used Pfaltzgraff (in the Villa della Luna pattern) for six years now, so I felt confident ordering this a gift for my mother-in-law who loves cardinals. Unfortunately, the set proved a disappointment. There was some kind of residue on one plate; washing did not fully remove it. There are numerous small defects (bubbles in the glaze, dark specks caught under the glaze, and a plates where the accent line around the rim looks pink instead of red. The cardinals barely look like cardinals.

I contacted Woot CS about this, and they offered me $3 credit or a return. They said there were no more in stock for an exchange. They eventually upped the offer to $5 off. Now I see that they are still selling this, so an exchange should have been possible. I’m at a loss.