17' 250 Lumen CREE LED Aluminum Safety Light/Bat

Whoa…17’,can I fit this in my car?

At 17’ should work great as a flag pole.

Thanks for catching this y’all. 17 ft was the original measurement, but we didn’t think it’d be very practical outside of a flag pole, or something to help get that book you really want to read from the top shelf of the library. The title and specs has been updated.

How much does it weigh?

It weighs about one pound.

the light is blinding and the bat feels cold to the touch…
before the blood rushes to the impact sight causing a bruise.

Didn’t really get to “Handle” the bat/light combo in the moment.

The person wielding it must not have liked it much as they were screaming before I was struck and when I awoke it was laying next to me with out a scratch nor dent.

10/10 would not want someone to strike/blind me with it again.


I got my order today 3 17” Cree saftey lights. 1arrived defective-and would not work. I called customer service. They promptly gave me a refund without shipping and said they were sold out. If they are sold out, why are they still on your website?

Sorry. What they should have said was that we don’t usually pull from live sales. These are shipping directly from the vendor. It will be faster for us to refund you and let you reorder than to get a replacement from the vendor.

Sorry about that.

$13.77 free shipping Walamart