18/10 20pc Flatware Set-Your Choice

**Item: **18/10 20pc Flatware Set-Your Choice
Price: $29.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $12 Two-Day OR $15 One-Day
Condition: New

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Let’s learn the difference between 18/10 and 18/0

I asked the buyer about the weight of the pieces… you know, heavy, light…

She described them as a mid-heavier weight.

18/10, while it does provide a bit more rust protection and is a little stronger, it doesn’t add any extra weight. This is the good stuff, buy it!

Anyone know where I can buy open stock cold meat forks/flat servers to match these sets? thank you

try Replacements Ltd.

Only a place setting for 4??! If only it was 8 place settings for $60…

Does anyone know the dimensions of these utensils (knife length)? I had to return 3 sets of Mikasa earlier this month because they were heavy & oversized, wouldn’t fit in my silverware caddy and looked like they were designed for giants. I don’t want to make the same mistake twice. Info would be appreciated.

Any idea where these were made?

Zoom in on knives, they say China

Wallace Home Blaine or Parker 20-piece is $56.99 on Overstock.



That’s the lowest that jumps out at you. That being said, no reviews…

Some other sets are reviewed in a wide variety of comments, but a number of complaints that the sets advertised as 18/10 were actually marked 18/0. If 18/10 is correct, this looks like a pretty decent deal.

Has anyone noticed that all of the photos of the Blaine set that you find on internet searches, the knife handle is different?? Which one is correct? Woot, are you sure you have the right photo??? Seriously, the set I saw on Overstock has a very bulbous looking handle for the knife and I would not buy a set with that type of handle… so… clarification please??

Someone earlier commented that the knife handle says China… which doesn’t surprise me… is there anything that doesn’t come from China anymore???

The Oneida sets that sold out a couple months ago were stated to be from Italy.

At least a couple of the WMF sets in the past were made in Vietnam, although the last one I think was made in China.

For non-domestic sources, Vietnam seems to be where good 18/10 is made nowadays, similar to how Thailand has been a good source for good stainless pots and pans.

Keep in mind though, the only thing for sure is if it says made in China, it’s probably from China. If it says it’s from elsewhere, you have to look at the company for veracity. Some box, printed form or label, or imprint probably really doesn’t assure accuracy. I remember years ago hearing an odd story about Honda selling molds for engine parts (something that was encouraged to stimulate trade and economies in the region), for older engine designs to be cloned and made in China, that were manufactured there with the made in Japan still clearly made out in the cast metal–they didn’t bother changing the dies. (There’s probably endless stories about false certifications and stickers, from sunglasses to magnetic yellow ribbon, and it’s not just China but US companies sometimes too.)

Our photo studio did the photographs from the sample.