18/10 S/S Flatware Set, Service for 12

Is this 18/10 or 18/0? There is a difference. It says 18/0 in one place and 18/10 in another. The 0 and 10 refer to nickel content. The higher the better to prevent pitting and corrosion.

It’s 18/10. Sorry for the confusion.

Is there a pie-server included? In the features paragraph it says there’s a 5-piece hostess set (no pie), and then in the bullets it says 6-piece (pie).

It’s 6 pieces.

Arrived sooner than expected. Each piece is stamped Wallace 18/10. Nice weight. One of the best WOOT purchases I’ve made. Pie server included, by the way. Thanksgiving coming with everyone having matching forks. Woo!Woo!