18 Karrots Juice Cleanse ~ 1, 3 or 5 Day

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18 Karrots Juice Cleanse ~ 1, 3 or 5 Day
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Cool, when do we move on to “Bleeding” patients and Phrenology?

Product Page

Please, stop calling drinking only sugar water a “cleanse”.

This is my cleanse

Re Phrenology,it’s a bumpy road.

But more important, I can’t seem to find the product FDA labels, even on the product page. The ingredient ‘apple’ on every one from the WOOT listing makes me think it is like one of those grape drinks at the store which is 5% grape and 95% apple juice.

The Reason Apple is in all of them is so it tastes somewhat good. I juice everyday. It’s not sugar water. I drink the minerals of 15 carrots?,11 apple 2 cups of spinach and 2 cups of kale. This stuff is expensive. Just my .02

Okay, sugar water with some vitamins and minerals (but not as many as you’d get from, you now, just eating the fruit and vegetables)

If you drank Koolaid with a flintsones vitamin crushed up in it you’d have a shockingly similar nutritional experience.

“These raw juices detoxify your body”

Uhh no sorry my kidneys and liver have that covered.

Don’t buy into ridiculousness, people. You can’t “detoxify” by putting more stuff in. If you want to be healthy then do some real nutrition research and let your organs do an “organ cleanse.”

I agree the product is expensive.

I believe one has to question what is in some of these mass-produced cleanses.

You have complete control over the quality and nature of your juice ingredients i.e. organic vs. conventional, domestic or imported produce, non GMO or GMO. Who knows what the cleanse company uses or adds to it to promote freshness.

Juicers which remove non soluble fiber do not provide the consumer with 100% nutritional content. The ‘bullet’ devices leave the non soluble fiber in allowing the user to get 100%. That nonsoluble fiber also makes the consumer feel full, helping reduce appetite for those trying to lose weight.

The fact that it’s unpasteurized and “may contain bacteria” is scarier to me.

After applying leeches.

So… it’s spectacularly expensive fruit juice?

To reiterate what people said above, “cleanse” is not a thing. Does not exist. And Woot, frankly you should be ashamed of yourselves for peddling this snake oil.

I want to market a new cleanse with prune, not apple juice. “BIOYA” is the name. [Hint: stands for "blow it out…]

Your bank account is getting cleansed at over $8 a bottle. You’d have to be clinically insane to buy this.

WOOT should have the toilet bidet as well with this deal.

So I’m thinking we don’t karrot all for this.

Woot’s humorous suggestions for this product sound like better ideas than the suggested use.