18 Things That Plug Into Your USB Port



But the one thing I want to plug into my usb isn’t here…Where are my woot-off lights!!!


I’m thinking I need to liven up my desk. Which would you choose?


Isn’t it really 17 things to plug into a USB port and a USB port?


No one told me there’d be math here.


The 901 Storm Missile Launcher isn’t a deal. Exact same price on Amazon (though shipping is $0.44 cheaper on Woot).

Yet another example of Amazon using Woot as a full price storefront.

Though this doesn’t diminish the awesomeness of the USB missile launcher…


Anyone own that Avid Mic? Is it a good mic? Amazon reviews notes driver issues and crummy software.

Not sure if the drivers have been fixed but any substitute for the software or is Audacity a good one to use?


I think amazon may have answered your first question. As for the second, Audacity is pretty much your only option on Windows if you don’t want to spend money, but the cheap Cubase is a great alternative. I would give Protools SE a shot before you toss it out.


it’s a great desktop mic, fairly directional. i haven’t messed with the software yet, but i plan to start a podcast with it (my friend bought one too and we’re going to use multichannel recording)

so far i’ve only used it on ventrilo while gaming, but since i can hear my friend on his end- it does have really good quality for the price


Dear lord…steer clear of that drum set! Check the reviews on Amazon. There is a delay when playing forcing you to play without hearing the sound on your computer. Ouch. Glad I didn’t bite on this waste of money.


I own the Brushed Snowball and I LOVE IT! I am a singer… a good one… I was blessed… and that mic really is a great mic for what I do with it.


M Audio mic is decent. My brother has one. And Audacity will get the job done as far as recording, But if you plan on having any production value to what you are recording then you are better off using the pro tools. $39 is woth it just for the pro tools SE.


Anybody use the Netgear wireless USB adapter ??



KeyStudio™ 49-Note Keyboard

If you have Windows 7 64bit, read reviews on Amazon!


Has anyone used the Delton Micro-USB keychain? Looks nice, but only some USB cables will charge phones at full A/C rates while others charge at slower USB rates even when plugged in to a wall adapter. (I’m told it has something to do with shorting out the fifth wire or something?)

Does anyone know if this will charge smart phones at full speed? Having trouble finding that same model elsewhere.


I have the Avid Studio Mic and really like it. I use it for Podcasts and Skype and it works perfectly. For me, the best part is that it’s not just a mic, but also for monitoring so the headphones plug into it.
Skype see it right away and it sounds excellent.

I haven’t tried the ProTools SE software as I don’t need anything like that.