18-Volt Cordless Drill/Driver

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18-Volt Cordless Drill/Driver
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Time to check out the product page

Where does that $129.99 retail price come from? Even the Wen website only says $54.99 (http://www.wenproducts.com/store/18-Volt-Cordless-Drill-Drive-Kit-5182).
Amazon says $79.95 retail, but they’re asking $51.58. And its $49.99 at HD (without any sale being mentioned).

Do not waste your money on old ni-cad technology. I have a shop with several employees. and we now have a bin with dozens of ni-cad drills in it that just are not worth the cost of new batteries. If you use and charge them daily (which we do for the most part) they are OK. but if you want a drill that can sit for a month or two and still be ready to go then li ion is the only way to go. Although they recommend against it, most of these work right out of the box without recharging, they hold that well.

Exactly so. Consider this a disposable tool.

No, Woot, it’s Father’s Day. Not April Fools Day.

Despite what the tool-snobs say, this is a very solid, light to medium duty drill. I grabbed one last November when I was badly in need but couldn’t afford the one my own tool-snob son thought I should buy ($160). It has easily performed every task I have faced including drilling into brick and some extensive, post-storm fence repair. I was pleasantly surprised to find the battery still charged and ready after sitting idle, in the drill, for more than a month. The spare battery is a plus too although I have only had one occasion that required changing the battery mid project (fencing). I have also found the light very handy for a couple of projects; one was mounting solar powered accent lights at night so I could see where they gave the best coverage and another was re-hanging all of the drawer glides in my largish kitchen.

IMHO, for $43, it’s hard to beat.

I’d be curious to see if you still have such high praise by this November. Nicad technology is garbage by today’s standards IMHO. I got a Skil combo tool kit with a single 18V battery that I would use only occasionally in the drill. Within a year it was down to only holding a charge for 10-15 minutes after sitting on the charger. It would certainly not have any juice after a month off the charger. I got a DeWalt Li-Ion drill last Xmas and it is so much better of a tool in every regard. I will never buy NiCad again. Lowes is running a father’s day sale for the DeWalt with 2 batteries for $100 today. Obviously far more money, but in the long term it is worth every penny. Call me a tool snob, but which is cheaper- a NiCad tool you have to replace every 1-2 years (or suffer through 5 minutes of work time per charge) or a LI tool that costs twice as much but lasts 10 6-8 years (minimum), weighs less and holds full power through until the battery is depleted?

$43 is NOT hard to beat. I bought a name brand drill, driver/impact driver with 2 lith-ion batteries along with a FREE batter replacement if any of the original 2 batteries fail to work. I purchase this item here on woot and drills with NiCad batteries are absolutely NO MATCH for this Rockwell drill/driver/impact driver.

If that doesn’t convince you, I purchased a Chinese made drill with 2 Lith-ion batteries for less than $50 at a very popular tool retailer who imports these items. Even this Chinese made unit is twice as good as this NiCad drill with 2 batteries.

So, you see that your statement “for $43, it’s hard to beat”, even though it’s only your opinion, is very easy to beat.

Also Exactly.
As I said before don’t waste your money on ni cad drills.
You can get Li Ion for under $50 at the big box. It may be a Ryobi(now that’s snobby) but it is a much better deal than this. Could not find the charger for my woot purchased Hitachi(maybe I am not a snob?)Li Ion; went to big box they had a Bosch 18V with two batteries for $99. I used to try and buy all the same type - model of drills. My foreman explained to me one day that this resulted in the same batteries being used over and over while some sat idle at the back of the line. We now actively have drills of just about every make on the floor at the same time which helps ensure battery rotation.

HAD a WEN cordless drill. not bad but OK for the price. Then I took a power hit and blew up the charger. Replacing the charger would’ve been darned near as much as a new drill. Bought a B&D. Never looked back.