180s Adjustable Ear Warmers 2-Pack



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ewwww creepy twins are back!!!

lol… they’re on inflatable dolls. Stay classy woot!


Wear these while grilling on your cedar planks in the middle of winter! YAY!

Why are their mouths open!? Hmm…

and the TWINS!

I wore mine just this morning on a cold hike and they worked great. Very comfy.

Do you see the inverted goblet, or do you see two freakish maniquinns with their mouths agape?

Darned good stuff. Buy 3 sets for stocking stuffers. I did.

why o why :frowning:

That’s Amazon’s customer service.

Just got these from woot on the 23rd. At least I didn’t get gyped on the price!!

according to the picture, they look like they’ll make you scream in pain when wearing them!

do the redheads come with it?

I have had these in the past and they work very well especially if you are “layering” up on those long winter days

Sweet, I missed out on these last week, but since I have money I’m in for 3. I loved my old ones but they are getting worn out. So much better at keeping your ears warm then trying to use a wool hat