180s Adjustable Ear Warmers 2-Pack

I live in florida… it was a chilly 68 degrees today, but not enough for those things…

These two redheads look like they want a mouth full.

I owned one of these several years ago. They work alright but I prefer a toque because my head got too cold. for milder climates other then the great white north it could work good.

This is what? The 7th? 8th? Repeat this Woot-Off.

Pretty sad.

Hmmm I really could use these, its been about 20 degrees outside lately…

$25 a piece on amazon. so seems like a good deal, 2 for $10


mostly good reviews too

Buy.com has these in packs of 3 for the same ultimate price ($10) if you were to only buy one set.

Almost bought one pair of these at the store on Black Friday for a heck of lot more money…

not happy with this woot off at all =( so many repeats… severs crashed as usual on boc… =( fml lol

The Greek word agape means “unconditional love” such as the love Jesus has for all. Signed, Pastor Towers

nope there not

If you posted a pic of them, you’d be placed on probation.

Ok, everybody buy one so we can see what the next item is… I’m hoping something interesting, because I need to go to bed soon.

I still haven’t gotten mine… my Woot orders have been going into a black hole recently - I haven’t received anything ordered in the last three weeks, although they keep reassuring me that it’s on the way.

For those of you who have already gotten these, what do you think of the quality?


i am a letter carrier and swear by these…bought them on a 2-fer tues last year

What’s that? I can’t hear you, evverything’s all… muffled.

Dagnabit, shoulda bought the planks when I could facepalm

I got a pair of these last week at tj maxx for $3. They are pretty awesome earmuffs. I still look like a goober wearing them, but they aren’t as bad as traditional ones.

Heh-heh, huh-huh . . . you said ass.