180s Adjustable Ear Warmers 2-Pack


got one of these in my last BOC

same price as the headset? Umm… No.


i thought it might be a bag of something

Is that a blowup doll?

But this isn’t Tuesday.

Well, at least they aren’t refurbished

I really love my pair of these. Keeps my ears nice and toasty even in the wind.


Real Love Doll included??

Now you can buy and use these with the headsets if you just bought one, so your ears stay warm.

whats with the doll… seriously?

good to see they are putting the blow up dolls to good use before they are distributed in the bag of crap

Wow…this is the lowest of the low. It’s April, we don’t need ear warmers. Not us on the West Coast anyway.

I have a couple of sets of these and they work great! Everyone that doesn’t have them, should buy 3!

Crap crap crap… Oh i am in for 3… Not… Come on…

Maybe I should pick some of these up, as it was snowing here this morning.

I dunno. We need action shots.