18K Solid Gold Cuban Chain

Is it 10 or 18 karat?

Description says 18 karat but specs say 10 karat. Which is it??

Hey, is it 18K or 10K? Is it a Chain or an Anklet?? Please answer . .

I can’t answer to the karat designation (although the title clearly says 18K), but as for its length, that solidly indicates it’s not a necklace. You can’t put it wherever else you’d like. But any neck that’s not of a chihuahua, won’t accommodate a 9.5" chain.

On the title yes, 18K, but on the description it says 10K

Sale has been updated.

What is the total mass (grams) or weight (troy ounces) of the chain?

Before you buy, just remember the term, “product has been magnified to show detail,” like on every cereal box.

It’s going to be very thin and not very heavy.

Vendor confirmed each bracelet’s total weight is 3.2 grams. I will add it to the features.

$87 worth of 18k Gold, for perspective… ($27.21 per gram right now)