1957 Chevy Lamp with Sound Effects

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1957 Chevy Lamp with Sound Effects [New] - $19.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * KNG E-028487 1957 Chevy Lamp with Sound Effects

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Wow, I’m off probie (again) for asking a White Box to stop complaining.

unless this sells out in 2 mins i quit


No matter, it’s a POS lamp for… um, I’m not sure exactly.

No photo?

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1957 Chevy Lamp with Sound Effects
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 KNG E-028487 1957 Chevy Lamp with Sound Effects

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In all seriousness, I would rather see Leakfrog up here again than this decorative atrocity.

Agreed. But it’s a classic automobile.


When the Chevy lamp rolls out, I do believe the end is near. Maybe some bacon salt, Star Wars bobbleheads, hippies, then - BAM! - screaming monkeys and it’s over.

Quick! Someone stop the granparents from going out and getting the early bird special and have them buy this! Believe me they’ll love* it!

*Love and any other positive things not guaranteed.

This turkey again? Bwahaha!

Anybody who bought it last woot-off, you still owe us the cheesy thumbs-up photo. Get to work!

Oh, Gawd! Not this lamp again! You’d think they would have put the rest of them to bed in the random bags from the last w00t-off (which wasn’t that long ago). Probably means the end is nigh…

More worthless than a stucco dildo.

Finally. A gift for the 60 year old burned out stoners on my Christmas list who I hate and want to burden with something very ugly. In for 3.

This will go great with my Nascar decorative plates!

I just love the evening mob mentality of the mods here. They must work in the insurance industry and hate my name. Geeesh, to let a white box spout out some of the things they do and give me probie for asking him or her to show some respect sux.

There had to only be one of these made!!

I’m so surprised these didn’t sell out the first time.

(sarcasm to the max)