1984: Duck Hunt


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Sad that it’s not the moon hoax, but this design was fun too.

In for one.


Ha, I love the Bugs Bunny reference. Cool shirt.


Creepy, but KEWL!


Thx for the votes and buys everyone. Please check out my entries for this week too. Thanks again!


what??? this is all about duck hunt an old NES game


Congrats, James!


I hated those ducks. The dog was almost as bad.


I was incredibly surprised that this was not the winner last night. In for two.


Hold on, wasn’t Nintendo released in October of 1985??? Speaking of hoaxes…


In for 1. Love it! Two video-game geek shirts in one weekend - can’t go wrong.


Thanks! Hopefully there’ll be life for the moon hoax in 60 days… But congrats to Cho for third… he’s got a style that resonates with the voters and buyers. It’s gorgeous.


What the hell? Another derby, and another 4th place entry that I wanted. Couldn’t care less about the others.

Whatever. I’m done woot. You won’t miss me.


I always hated that laughing dog. I wish I could’ve shot him.


AWWW yess a shirt worth buyin


moon hoax :’(


The Bugs Bunny reference comes in at the end. This shirt tells the world it’s rabbit season. Maybe they should have said wabbit season.


Don’t wear this shirt: turkey hunting. You’ll spook your tom. The turkey’s keen eyes will spot this bright design faster than you can say “gobblegobble.”

wow… when i saw this. i was saying… i could wear this hunting…lol l m a o!


He are serious duck. This is serious shirt.

I like it. Nice color choices.