1985 B.C.

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1985 B.C. [Your Density] - $10.00 + free shipping (standard) OR $5 to get it overnight (Monday) OR $5 international shipping

1 * Cream Woot Tee

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Someone has some serious explaining to do…

(It’s Back to the Future, for all of you who don’t know)

Back to the future!

Whoa, this is heavy.

Won’t wearing this shirt create some kind of paradox?

LOL i like this shirt

huh. just… huh. i’m speechless.

This will need some explaining before anyone really buys it, me thinks.

Can someone translate this for me? I’m not into modern Egyptian.

So what glyph represents the Libyans?

There’s that word again.

how frustrating not being able to read this? what in the world does this say in plain ole English?

We have FIVE years before 2015. Woot, you better start coming up with flying cars and hoverboards REAL fast.

Nice! Congrats on the print tgentry!

Seriously, I don’t understand cream shirts…

The only people in the world that can wear cream and get away with it are super tan hotties like Brad Pitt!


cricket noise

Is the condition supposed to be “your density” or is it a typo for “your destiny”… perhaps I’m just being dense.

Congrats on the print, didn’t expect to see this first.

This is awesome.

I love the part about driving down the pyramid. How else can you get up to 88 mph in ancient Egypt?

Another Back to the Future shirt to stay on the charts for months and months