1988: The Human Genome Project

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Oh yeah, I so own this now.

in for one really like the design…

Congrats on second place! Looks like you fought off the duck!

Liked this one quite a bit too.

In for 1.

Grats sundbe10. This one just didn’t connect with me, but you got the votes… let us hope it does well.

cool. in for one. this was right around the time i was born

Congrats on swaying common logic about this printing poorly! Hope you have thousands of satisfied fans sporting questionably visible garments!

I think I’d have liked it better on another color, but still in for one.

One of the best designs i’ve seen in a long long time.

shouldn’t the shirt instead have the double helix if it’s on the HGP?

This shall ever be remembered as the Nerd derby. two shirts of questionable merit take 1st and 2nd…oh well. Can’t say i care for the color scheme of this at all…i really think it’s going to print poorly.


I bought it. I LOVE Black T-Shirts with nice colors and nice designs… this fits the bill.

MY 21ST SHIRT.WOOT!! :slight_smile:

Love the design!

In for one, Can’t wait to wear this one :smiley:

Adder, why and how will this print poorly?

1988 FTW

Do you ever say anything nice Adder?

In for one here. I’ll take my chances on the printing.

Awesome. :smiley: I am totally in for one. Thanks a lot. Congratulations on the 2nd.

my scientist friend would like it. for $10 its not a bad deal for a nerd. :slight_smile: