1988: The Human Genome Project

what are you guys talking about? this will print just fine. I’ve ordered a lot of shirts from here before and always been amazed at the very fine detail of the printing, down to the sharpest points.

oh, and great design by the way. with this T-shirt, I can now wear a different woot shirt every day of the month! woo-hoo!!!

Two days, two great designs. Looks like the theme brought out some goodies.

Well done

I’ve bought both derby winners this time around, and I gotta say if Duck Hunt comes up tomorrow it’ll be the 1st time I’ve ever bought all 3 in any derby series.

reminds me of a TOOL shirt I own… This shirt is so mine.

they skipped my year!! (1987)

I love this design, but have bought way too many woot shirts lately.

congratulations-- I’m sure this will sell out soon.

Great design! if only it wasn’t in black… waaay too many black shirts already :frowning:

sweet design, I’m in for one.

never enough black shirts yo!

Awesome shirt! I’m teh first sucker :D. Can’t wait to wear it.

I’m not enough of a geek for this one, but 848 votes say I’m may be in the minority there… hm. Congrats on the printing though, sundbe10!

it the brown circles make it look like poo.

I think they’re talking about the dark brown colors getting lost on the black shirt and being barely visible. I could see that being a problem.

Definitely a wicked design though.

pretty good design for 2nd place. Order placed :smiley:

are you cold? topless or something?


Congrats on the win! It’s a great design.

Hooray for science!

Amazing design and I love science. In for one!

This shirt is sick! Im going to try and talk my wife into letting me get one.

I thought the design would be smaller, and in the upper corner or something :frowning: Gonna keep me from buying it, but I still love the design.

Too bad this wasnt a real medical project to cure humanity, it was a silly liberal PR stunt to “prove” “we’re all the same”.

We’re as close as apples to apes, and science suffers.

By itself though, I love the shirt! I’ll get one!