1988: The Human Genome Project

you don’t like this jimiyo yo?

made my night, woot; my year and favorite design, ordered on the way home from work (and came home to a woot shirt at my door on top of that)

for real?

theres been some good un the last few derbies yo.

like RAVEN





hehe… no i was just saying that cause you said you couldnt wait to wear it.

as far as my opinion on this shirt.

i like black shirts, i like science. ;j


I can’t believe this won over the space hoax shirt!! If the duck shirt gets third I will flip… Do they ever print shirts that were lost in the fog? Aaargghhh!!

awesome that an artist has the power to make your YEAR! with a shirt design


W00t, i now own this shirt… and all is well in world!

Are you counting posts in this thread too?

in for one!
i wonder what the third place derby winner is?!?!

personally, i would like both SkekTek and Cho win. both work really hard to provide good free content for people to

  1. bash or Meh too
  2. praise

almost every week.

it would be cool if they did a ‘convenient tie’ like grow and death, and the other twofer


I wasn’t going to get it but then it grew on me. I can certainly see myself wearing one of these to a Chilly S concert.

its actually a joke, and also ‘most useless posts day’ for Jimiyo.

i have OCD problems


Never said that…got me mixed up with another. Like the black tees too. Think this will print ok yo?

ive talked with people who have t-shirt addictions. you sir… might be developing one…

might want to just keep it in mind, cause soon, its neglecting pets and family, then loss of job, then who knows…


…you better talk fast. yesterday’s shirt went in under two hours.
/good luck w/ the missus. :slight_smile:

i think so.


i used to work in a print shop as an artist also as a separations artist working with the print boss…

and woot has printed like what? 280+ shirts?

im sure they would be smart enough now to switch ink colors after sending out shoddy shirts long ago.

i bet they are actually getting really good at it. its just like anything else, printing is tough but theyve had alot of practice.

so yes, i think this will print VERY well.


i think its commendable he speaks his mind…

right now… cause its not against me



This was the one I was pulling for this derby, and I gladly went in for one. I was a huge fan of the Zelda one, however not a huge fan of the color it was on, I’m interested why people think it will print poorly?

knowledge is power!

and this is #10.


I didn’t really care. Just wanted to help you get your useless post count up.