1988: The Human Genome Project

l**ol. You’re going to reach 350 here yourself, no problem.

ha, get in your genes . . . . I like it

too bad I bought yesterday’s, no money for today

seriously. i cant keep buying woot shirts. this is going to single handedly end my bank account. but i just like a lot of the shirts in the past little while.
WHY? I can only selfishly hope that there is a long string of bad shirts coming up soon.

i was actually dared to reply to everyones post

im done though…

vote for my shirt? hehehe


Now I get it - I can pump my promotion by playing. All I need to do is now shoot a video wearing a woot shirt and get them mad exposure - Chilly S is no joke.


darn meant to say who the f’ is this chilly s?


because of the color choices. brown does not show up well on black

Just give half that you accrue each year to goodwill…thereby getting the tax writeoff with an added bonus of making the homeless very kool

well that 350 isnt for me… and its not for here.

and im serious about giving out shirts.

its an experiment.

im not gonna be the one to post on the 350th

give all your money to the Church of the SubGenious - Chilly S is a ordained minister


am I the only one that feels old looking at the titles of the winners? :stuck_out_tongue:

in for one all the same. great work, don’t mind the haters…

Awesome. Wanted this one to get in there. Not only the year I was born but also a sweet design.

jimiyo whats the highest you got up to?


whacha mean?

1988 - wow, that was the year I completed my first triathlon. That was a terrible year.

OK shirt, tho. I’d get it, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the guy on the shirt isn’t wearing anything.

exactly. The shades are all too close to each other and this will likely muddy up the visual. see also; cool breeze, unfriendly locals.

Also, the design is bad to begin with, so it has no choice but to print as such

moan, moan, moan, look who is sore their design got beat.

In for my first ever shirt from woot, hopefully this will come out perfectly, if not, it may be my last

Cant wait to get it, congrats to the designer

the year I was born! Had to get this one, love it!
chown me.me /var/www/woot.com/this_shirt

Oh yeh…likes it yo