1MORE Stylish True Wireless Earbuds

1MORE Stylish True Wireless Earbuds

I’m kind of surprised that these haven’t sold out yet. It’s a good price for these 'buds that - according to all of the pro reviews I’ve read - easily outperform AirPods.

This is sort of a scam listing.

There are two versions of this product: “E1026BT” (old) and “E1026BT-I” (new). Both versions are nearly identical except that the old model has much worse (2-3 hrs) battery life. After noticing that the battery on mine keeps dying much sooner than I expect, I have confirmed from the product packaging that this is the old model — but it’s strongly implied on this listing that it’s the new model (the specs & product description here are from the new model). Most positive reviews of this product across the internet are for the new model.

I guess those Woot prices ARE too good to be true…the “catch” in this case is that we’re getting the old, outdated model with bad battery life (nowhere close to the 6.5 hrs promised). Super disappointing. I’m debating filing for a return/refund but it’s probably not worth the hassle. I would not have bought this “deal” if I had known the truth about this.

This would be a great deal if it was the latest version of this product. Most of the good reviews you are reading online (and the specs listed here) are for the newer version of the product (E1026BT-I), but what you get is the inferior old version (E1026BT) with much worse battery life. Check the front cover of the paper manual that came with the headphones to see the actual product number.

If you ever wonder why your headphones’ battery life is a fraction of the 6.5hrs advertised here, that’s why.