1saleaday.com issues


Has anyone had trouble with 1saleaday.com? I just found the site yesterday and I ordered yesterday and today from there. But with some research today, I find that this site has scammed a number of people by taking payment and never delivering product. They also seem less than helpful in responding to emails.

Can anyone shed some light or past experiences on this topic?




This business has an unsatisfactory record with the BBB


Is this site new?


I orfered two things from isaleaday and got them both they were free the first thing I ordered was a set of kingston micro sd,s w/ adapter I got them two weeks after I ordered not complaing though all I had to do was pay for the shipping 4.99 The second thing I ordered was the second thing and I got it in 5 days so I am Happy! So stop your whinning its a good deal and a new site so as with anything new there will be problems!


New site? Their reviews on resellerratings.com extend back to late 2007.

edit: As of the time of this post, their six-month rating is 2.92/10, down from a lifetime rating of 3.61/10.



Have you ever looked at Woot’s BBB record? It’s terrible.
Probably due to a bunch of whiny idiots who can’t read the FAQ.


I ordered a Sansa player from there and got it within 10 days, so no problems here so far.


I went on the site one time and haven’t been back. The site just seems a little funny to me.


they have these little things like fact of the day, word of the day, yada yada. Most of the stuff I buy from them is free + S/H. I do jump on the SD card deals they have and also recently have gotten 3 years magazine subscriptions for under $9 (entrepreneur and espn the mag).

Had one issue where they didn’t send me the correct quantity ordered. Sent them an email, got a response, and was sent even more a couple days later.