2.0 GPM 6-Jet Multi-Function Shower Head

Add the five bucks shipping and amazon has it for the same price. Be nice if it was a DEAL

[MOD: Plus $8.95 shipping from a 3P]

I got one of these for around $12 on clearance at Bed Bath & Beyond a couple years back. Suddenly feeling like I got away with robbery.

Was it a plastic head? Solid brass heads like these aren’t cheap.

I just paid about $35 shipped in 2 days from the Mother ship…slightly different model, so not a direct comparison. But mine has a power jet setting in the middle. It’s like a lava hot massage right on my back, which is amazing after a long day.

Otherwise, 50 jets are still powerful. I got the 2.5gpm version, and will be drilling out the water flow restrictor in the stem, getting close to 4gpm.

I bought my Speakman shower head about 25 years ago. I take it with me when I move. Fantastic piece of kit.

Nope, it’s a legit brass one in the “oil-rubbed bronze” color.