(2,3,4-Pack) Wyze Cam v3 Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera

(2,3,4-Pack) Wyze Cam v3 Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera

Got these a couple weeks ago. They work really well. While the UI could really use some work and the instructions aren’t the best, you can do quite a lot with them without signing up for their monthlybleeding service. I have them set up to record incidents/movement and small micro SD cards provide more-than-adequate storage to handle days and days worth of coverage. That’s one thing that bothers me, though, is that throughout much of their website and documentation they refer to your storage option as an SD card. It’s micro SD. Don’t buy a bundle of the wrong size cards.

I was afraid that I’d have to get out a ladder to pull the video off the card, too, but while that IS how you pull the stored files directly (in 30 second chunks IIRC), it is much easier to cue up the stored video in the app and hit the record button. Record all or part of what you want saved and that will be saved on your phone.

Anyway, this price beats Costco’s price for four. I hope something I’ve written helps you correctly decide whether or not these are for you.


If you only want one, or want a one year warranty, there are also on eBay, direct from Wyze, for $25. https://www.ebay.com/itm/134137547246


I’m impressed with these so far except for one that I just tried to set up. My recommendation if you order the 4-pack, don’t just assume they work if they power on, make a clicking sound and show a setup light.

Go through the complete setup to confirm full functionality even if not using them right away. When I went to set this particular one up, it won’t scan the QR code.

I opened a RMA case with Wyze, but being it’s the 30th day since the order, and it’s a Friday and after 5PM, I am uncertain if they’ll provide warranty support.

Wyze support did not list Woot as a supported reseller - @ThunderThighs would you happen to know if Wyze will consider Woot as “Amazon”? (https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us/articles/360046711052)

Amazon has a set of 2 for $69.99 with a one year warranty. I prefer the one year warranty.

The 4 pack is basically what these launched at. For the price they are incredibly good. I have 2 launch models and they have been flawless. The night time performance is insane for $20.

Has there been any other accounts of the refurbished v3 cams going offline on their own and requiring a physical intervention by way of cycling power to restore? This seems to be consistent with the 8 units purchased here while the other v3 remain reliably online. V2 units are all online at the same time, so it didn’t seem to be a router issue.