2.4GHz 32" R/C Helicopter w/HD Camera 2-Colors

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2.4GHz 32" R/C Helicopter w/HD Camera 2-Colors
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My son has received helis that look exactly like this, minus the camera. The build quality is not very sturdy and, along with hyper-sensitive controls, makes this prone to crash and break quickly. Basically, this thing shoots up into the air, quickly loses connection and then falls down.

Your $99 isn’t going to last all that long unless you live in a very perfect environment and your kids never ever show any interest in playing with it.

Couldn’t find any reviews but I did find this footage from the device on youtube. Looks like pretty good quality.

EDIT after looking through some more videos on YT it loks like this is also branded as an MJX T40 (they look identical.)

Judging from reviews I found of smiliar MJX brand helicopters on Amazon it looks like they are good quality.

That’s a bit of an unfair assessment. I don’t know enough about these to argue the point, but just because your son has some that look like it, but are different doesn’t mean this one is a turd. My little heli doesn’t work outside as it’s infrared. This one is not - that alone will give you more control than an IR heli.

I’d end up flying this into someones face then probably go to jail. Not the best thing for me lol

Anyone know how easy it might be to get and change extra batteries? 10-15 min out of a charge does not seem like very much…

OK, you see those two thin pieces of metal tube that connect the feet to the tail? They’re held into place by those plastic parts that you see on the feet and tail. A product like this is going to crash - or drop - a few times (unless you’re REALLY good with these). Once one of those plastic parts break and the metal comes out you now longer have even weight distribution, which means you’re not going to fly.

Every little piece on it’s body needs symetry to keep the weight even. I’m not saying it’ll fall apart just from looking at it, but over time - a few rough landings, loss of connection at altitude - trees, etc - and something will break off.

As would happen with any R/C helicopter

I bought one EXACTLY like this in 1966 and flew it in Viet Nam for two years to seek out Viet Cong strngholds. It saved many lives and is still flying to this day.

Where the heck is the off/on switch on the Heli?

Received mine today, and I can’t find anything that looks like an on/off switch on the copter. Can anyone help?

Got mine today.

Flies pretty good. You need a lot of space…if outdoors (for most…this is where you will need to fly), no wind a must. Even a light breeze makes flying a challenge.

Camera is better than I thought. Mine came with a 2GB card which seems plenty big for the flight time.

Copter seems a bit top heavy which makes landing a little tricky. Fortunately the main blades take a hit pretty well.

For those looking for on/off switch…there isn’t one. You plug and unplug the black, two conductor cable from the battery. NOTE: You MUST unplug from copter BEFORE charging. If you do not, you will likely fry the electronics.

All in all I am generally impressed with this $100 heli. It’s tough, flies pretty good, has a camera, and manages to look nice too!

Been flying mine for a month now. I’m getting pretty good at it and I must say once you know what you’re doing it flies great. Lots of fun. Pretty tough little guy, too. With practice taking off and landing on a flat surface is a breeze. But, as has been said, it does not fly well if there is much of a breeze. All in all, well worth the price.