(2 Bottles) MonkVee® Pure Stevia Extract

(2 Bottles) MonkVee® Pure Stevia Extract

Erythritol — used to add bulk or sweeten stevia, monkfruit and keto reduced-sugar products — has been linked to blood clotting heart attacks, & strokes.
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Leading to heart attack and death, according to a study.

What about the normal added sugar risk. You think the artificial ones used in moderation are just as safe a regular sugar? Or is that all a bunch of shock news. There are plenty of stevia products are are not combined with other artificial sweeteners. Erythtitol is a sugar alcohol while stevia is a natural plant - that’s literally twisting it actually talking about stuff like stevia in the raw which isn’t 100% stevia to make people like you think that stevia is some how bad.

If this had sugar alcohol it would be listed under carbs. They’re carbs but they don’t cause a big spike in blood sugar it doesn’t count towards “net carbs”. Also dietary fiber can be subtracted from “net carbs”