2 day shipping but ups eta is in 9 days

I ordered some galaxy buds and I linked my amazon prime account for 2 day shipping. I got the tracking number today from woot and on the ups tracking page it says the ETA is December 29. The only reason I ordered them was because they would get here by December 24th. Usually I’d wait it out but since I need them by that date it’s a bit time sensitive. I already contacted support but it says I’d get a response in about 24 hours or so.

For what it’s worth…I find that my items arrive the vast majority of the time way before the ETA date. That seems to be a date given whereby if it hasn’t arrived, you can start a search or make a claim with the post office. Therefore, it is a date that allows them plenty of time, but it is usually not needed. Having said that…I know there are substantial delays with all carriers right now. I’ve ordered items recently as well, and so far they are continuing to arrive before the ETA.

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From my experience etas are pretty accurate though. At least from amazon and usps. Like if they ship something with 2 day shipping it will say in the tracking that the eta is in 2 days even if there are delays. The original tracking number will be accurate to what type of shipping I got. Seeing the 9 day eta worries me that they shipped it out with standard shipping which is slower than if you Pay for the 2 day shipping. Like USPS has first class and priority.

I rechecked my ETAs for Amazon 2 day shipping on items I have recently ordered. They are consistently giving me a 4 day window for ETA. They seem to be showing up within 2-3 days, though. If your ETA was 9 days, then perhaps you are right about an error in the shipping type. Hope you hear back soon from CS and are able to get it sorted out in time to get the item for Christmas.

Hi there. Thank you for reaching out. I’ve sent an email to our team so they can look into it.


I’ve had good luck with my 2 day orders so far regardless of the fact that they were sent via the same shipper which took 16 days to send an unrelated priority package 160 miles; and another unrelated package which is still stuck in sorting limbo after 10 days and traveling a blistering 40 miles.

I hope yours turn up on time.

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Thank you!

I got a response back. In simple terms they told me I never got charged for shipping so it’s standard shipping. It was linked to my prime account so I thought it was going to be free 2 day shipping. I just can’t believe how misleading the website was throughout the whole process. On the product picture itself it literally says arrives before Christmas, and on the estimated delivery time it says it arrives by Christmas. They told me to basically just wait it out but I’m not trusting ups to deliver this before the eta

Hi there. I’m still waiting to hear back from the team on this. I can see that it has the 2-day shipping benefit applied.

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Thank you so much for your help. I appreciate it. Let me know when you hear back thank you!

I recently had a very similar problem with an order from Amazon. I ordered a hybrid bed in a box on 11/30 and as a prime member, was “guaranteed” delivery by 12/3… then it changed to 12/4, then 12/5 and so on… I started calling them the day that it didn’t arrive and to my surprise they had no idea where it was by the time 12/9 arrived they refunded my money because they couldn’t find it apparently it had been lost in transit. When they refunded my money I told them to cancel my prime membership and asked for a refund for what I had paid for prime benefits. They refunded my money for the prime the benefits however they did not cancel my membership. I decided to go on the UPS website and create an account I downloaded the app and tried tracking the package as well but it wasn’t showing up. The funny thing is that once they refunded my money it suddenly popped up in UPS app and I was able to track it and it ended up arriving on like 12/14. I called Amazon to tell them I received it and that I wanted to pay for it however they told me that wasn’t necessary and didn’t have me pay for it. So I guess my suggestion here would be to try the UPS website and see if you’re able to track the package that way, you can also call UPS as well to see if they can help… which is what I had originally done before I downloaded the UPS app. I’m very sorry this is happening to you… it’s not right. It’s making me nervous because Saturday night I paid $48 for overnight delivery so it should be here tomorrow. If I don’t get the package before Christmas it is literally going to ruin Christmas because the gifts are for my kid and my parents.
I’m sending positive thoughts and energy your way, praying that you get your package at least by 12/23.

FYI - USPS is ruining Christmas.
UPS and FedEx seem to be fine.


So far I’ve had 3 different emails with woot support staff. Every time I reply back to their emails it’s a different person. First person told me that it was shipped through standard shipping and to just wait ( in simpler terms), second person said it was a glitch somewhere and that I should have gotten 2 day shipping, then the third person said I was misinformed on how this worked that I was really supposed to get standard shipping.

So 3 completely different answers from 3 different people in customer support. This is all from me replying to my original email I’m not sending out multiple reports. I feel like everytime someone sees my reply they don’t take the time to look at our previous conversation with the other costumer support so this is really not getting anywhere. It doesn’t seem like woot has any interest in making this right.

I want to add to this. I know I’m complaining a lot but I just believe that the website was extremely misleading with the shipping times. You can’t promise 2 day shipping and send it out with standard shipping. If it gets sent out with 2 day shipping and it gets delayed then that’s fine it’s out of woots control to what happens at UPS but the fact that it got shipped out through standard shipping is what the problem.

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Hi there. We’re working with various groups at Amazon to figure out why our request for 2-day shipping wasn’t carried through. We had everything worked out ahead of time with Amazon but then something somewhere went wrong.

Apologies for the frustration.

I appreciate your help. Honestly you have been the most helpful and the most transparent about everything. 2/3 of the customer support kept trying to tell me I was misinformed and that standard shipping was correct.

I had the same exact situation with the same exact product. I only purchased because it said it would be here before Christmas. The 23rd for me. Ups says it won’t arrive until the 29th and it was sent regular ground not 2 day as promised. No response from multiple emails to customer service.

I’ve gotten responses from 3 different representatives with 3 different answers. The emails are not getting me anywhere. There’s 0% chance they will get here by Christmas so now I have to spend more money on a new gift. Thunderthighs has been the most helpful here but I’m not sure what’s going to happen.

I’m Amazon Prime; ordered an electric snow blower on Dec 30. The order says Prime; standard shipping upgraded to express for free. It was supposed to be 2-day.

Now I go to track it, because it’s Jan 2 (Dec 30-Jan 2 already, so it’s already late) and I’m expecting it to come tonight before the snow tomorrow… and USPS says they’re still waiting for it to ARRIVE. IN OREGON. I’m in NY.

The expected date is now January 7. So my 2-day Amazon Prime, free express shipping upgrade is 9 days. If it gets here on the 7th.

I suppose it helps to know I’m not the only one. But between Amazon switching Prime to USPS and the sheer amount of late, missing, redirected, or damaged packages we get now… plus the fact that the lazy delivery people literally will put them RIGHT where we ask them not to (directly behind where the vehicles back out of the garage)… they even sent one of the photos (here’s a photo of your delivery!) where you could see the boxes they threw at the garage door because they couldn’t be bothered to walk up the sidewalk; the boxes were thrown directly beneath our sign, which is clearly visible in the photo they took.

It’s completely gone downhill.

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Hi there. With Prime, you get free shipping but not express shipping (except for shirt.woot) - Prime Standard Shipping. We do not have Amazon’s free 2-day shipping.

I’m a bit curious about shipping times, as well.