2-in-1 250 Lumen Outdoor Solar Light

2-in-1 250 Lumen Outdoor Solar Light

So Woot …of the THREE DIFFERENT LUMENS FOR THIS LIGHT ! Which one is it…and I assume it is just one light and not ‘‘lights’’ as you also listed ! ? !

under Features:

  • 170 lumen motion sensing LED bright spot light

Description says Lights (plural)

EM-SL451B LED 250 Lumen Solar Security Lights,

Specs: In the box:

  • (1) Link2Home EM-SL451B 200 Lumen LED

170 lumen ?
200 lumen ?
250 lumen ?

Ooops. It’s 250 lumens.

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got the one I ordered…seem to be pretty good quality…light portion itself looks like a ray gun prop from a 1960s era B grade space movie. BUT…WOULD BUY AGAIN.