2-In-1 Digital Tire Pressure Gauge & Tread Gauge

but if i can only buy three what do i do for the fourth tire?


Block of Concrete. Again.

as I miss the boc…lame!

is anyone left?

Pretty handy, but more of a “go to Pep Boys on the way home” item as opposed to a “pay $5 shipping on an $8 item” sort of item.

why is it that when im sleeping they seel a router? F**K i need one !!! Any1 knows a good site for a good router and a good price?


no boy stuff. want girl stuff.

Besides the one we just had, When was the last BOC?


will this work Rectally?


I bought two…

Car guy kid gift to car guy dad.

Did the McCain campaign buy a bunch of these?

New rule… If no one buys it in the first five minutes, we move on to the next item.

I click I want one on the head phones and then I’m buying this thing? W.T.F.?!

I’d actually woot one of these for my RV, but I need higher psi. Big ol’ tires on that rig.

Can you say CRAP!!! WTF


I want Zipper

they make digital tire guages?

what comes in a bag of crap?