2-In-1 Digital Tire Pressure Gauge & Tread Gauge

Are you kidding me with this WOOT???

handy gift for the girlfriend! (if she can figure out how to use it)

WTF this sux…

Great gift! Buy 3!!

yes!!! dad’s christmas present.


Does this work with Vista?

No Thanks!

WTF this sux…



After that Roomba, I need to left out some pressure…

When in the hell are you going to upgrade your servers?!? This is pathetic!


and best of all its not a roomba…

evil roombas are finally over

Nose hair trimmer?

Damn, I needed an ear thermometer too!

Does anyone have one of those pod coffee makers from the last woot-off that they want to sell tome. Let me know, e39krazy @ yahoo.com