2 in 1 Workbench Table / Scaffold

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2 in 1 Workbench Table / Scaffold
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Time to learn all about Astro Pneumatic

Very attractive offering to this short man. If only it could reduce itself to something pocket sized for storage purposes. It’s quite heavy with the MDF panel. Too bad they didn’t use something less weighty.

I am bemused to see that there is no print copy touting the electrical outlets, either on WOOT or the manufacturer’s site. That is a cool feature. And by noting that the outlets are away from the hole on the orange side and next to the hole on the wood side, there are 2 sets of outlets. Are they connected? (as in can you plug an extension cord in to one side and have it feed both sides?) Nice bench combo.

You might be wrong. It looks the the table inverts to switch between sides. So there may be only one set of outlets. It just moves in the photo from left/right side to the other left/right side based on which table side is on top.

This video, at the very end, shows the table being swapped from one side to the other. Go to about 1:30 in the video to see the swap.


I picked up one of these under a different name at Costco about 3 or 4 years ago, slightly cheaper then. Astro Pneumatics seems to rebrand products from other manufacturers, possibly EOL’d stock (?) which may make warranty repair or replacement difficult.

I leave mine permanently in the workbench form factor, and it’s serviceable for most light and medium-grade projects. This is nothing you’d want to mount a vice to for any heavy leveraging on metalwork, but overall it’s sturdy, and light, as workbenches go. It collapses flat, somewhere around two inches thick, and can be stored on end out of the way. The scaffold function I’ve never had use for but see no reason why it wouldn’t be anything less than suitable for this purpose. If used as scaffolding I’d recommend not extending the legs, leaving the platform more sturdy for the mass of a human shifting about on it.

Unless this is distinctly different from mine, which I doubt, there’s only one set of outlets, fed through an extension cord. It has three outputs, and there’s a built-in breaker (I forget offhand but I think it’s 15A). One thing I like is on the left side are a few recessed tray-like compartments. Handy home base for two screwdrivers and a utility knife I like to keep handy for quick jobs so I don’t have to go to the tool box frequently.

As usual, woot’s claimed MSRP is way, way high, but the listed price here is fair. Costco was perhaps $20 cheaper but unfortunately it’s not a regularly stocked item for them, was one of those odd things you just had to catch when it was there.

Just checked, Costco’s site is selling these under yet another name (not AP, not the one mine’s branded as) currently, and cheaper still:

Oh how woot has fallen. :frowning:

But I don’t have to pay $55/year to shop at woot.

This looks to be the same item.

You can actually still purchase from Costco without a membership online for only a $5.00 surcharge…I just did it. My total for the same item with the surcharge and tax was only $112.00!

(her mom does before the start of the movie)
Woot!..you stoopid.

I purchased mine from Costco and at that time it was $89.99… Very sturdy and has many uses…

Description says: Unit capacity is 500lbs (240kgs) in lower position

Would be nice to know what it is in the upper position, too. Not sure whether that info is readily available from the manufacturer, tho.

But with Costco, if you are not happy with it for any reason, they will gladly take it back. The same cannot be said for Woot.

We checked in with the vendor and they say:

If you know someone who is a member at costco have them get you a gift card in the amount you need (up to a thousand dollars) and that will allow you to shop there without a membership. That’s what I do on occasion.

That’s a more reasonable price.

The picture shows 3 outlets in addition to where you connect the extension cord.
Are you saying you’d connect the extension cord to the table which would power the 3 outlets then plug another extension cord one one of those outlets so you could have two more outlets? Cornfuzed!