2-in-1 Workbench Table/Scaffold

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2-in-1 Workbench Table/Scaffold
Price: $114.99
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Condition: New


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I have one from their last outing on woot and it’s one my most practical purchases her to date. It’s sturdy and strong (which I want if I’m going to stand on it), set up is super easy and it’s light enough for a grandma to carry.

I bought it because we are repainting the interior of our house, but so far it’s been used for measuring/cutting plastic sheeting, gift wrapping, plant repotting, furniture repair and small cabinet assembly. (No chance to paint yet.)

The measurement graphics and the tool tray on the MDF side have me seriously considering a second one as a sewing table (since I just gave up my sewing cabinet to the computer.)

My only disappointment is that it doesn’t come with its own power cord - I’ll have to buy one if I want the outlets on the side to be of any use. (Hmmm…I’ll want that in a sewing table.)

It’ has always been my impression with these things that you’re only supposed to stand on it in the lower position, however, the video shows people standing on it in the high position in several scenes. Can anyone comment? I’m in for 1 but primarily on the premise that I can stand on it to paint my high ceilings.

Just to add, from the manufacturer’s website they say you can, in fact, use it in the high position as a scaffold. So, they say the weight capacity is 500 lbs in the lower position, what is the capacity in the high position?

from AstroTools.com:

• When in scaffold mode it can be used as a sturdy standing surface for painting, remodeling, sanding and other common household tasks.
• Unit extends to two different heights: 21.25"" & 32.25""
• Unit capacity is 500lbs (240kgs) in lower position
WARNING: to avoid the risk of injury, do not load bench with more than 500lbs (240kgs)

User manual…


I have to say that looking around the Internet this is an extremely good price anyway, but even more so with Woot’s flat rate shipping.

“Weight: 32.25” Top Height"

Does anyone have the weight IN POUNDS?

Q&A on Amazon says 49lbs.

Thanks for posting the user manual, talismanuk. In the manual it says not to use it in scaffold mode with the legs fully extended but also reiterates the 2 different heights you can use it at. It also says the capacity in workbench mode, which I assume is in the high position, is also 500 lbs. We need a little clarification.

The Technical Details on Amazon says
Item Weight 6.4 ounces
49 lbs makes a lot more sense.

I cannot guarantee the safety of anyone trying it…but I bought this the last time Woot sold it, and I have stood on it in the extended worksurface. I am ~250 lbs, and it felt quite sturdy. The issue is likely with the push pins that support the surface when extended, which may not have the shear force strength to support significant weight in the extended position.

I almost bit on this a couple of weeks back when I saw it here. The comments suggested some alternatives. I ended up getting one from Northern Tool (I have one somewhat local) that was listed @ $130, on sale for $100 and used a coupon code to get it for $90.

I’ve gotten a ton of use out of it already. Whether it’s this one or the one I got, if it’s well made it’s really handy to have around.


The one from Northern Tool keeps being brought up when workbenches like this are sold. The manual for the NT one specifically states NOT to stand on it when it is extended.

Keep in mind the MDF work surface needs to be sealed or it will absorb any liquids that are spilled on it, including condensate from beverages and oils from machinery.

It may be that it’s not so much that it won’t take the weight but more a case of the higher it is the more unstable it is. Just my opinion.

With a $20 coupon the NT one is $80, plus $32 shipping to NY. So only about $8 cheaper than here for my shipping.

why not just get this more versatile one for $10 more?


I purchased the HICO 4-in-1 from Amazon and had to send it right back. It came damaged in multiple areas and the packaging itself was hardly damaged. I got a good look at it before returning it. The HICO 4-in-1 is very poor quality. The plastic is cheap and brittle (it was snapped completely through in multiple areas), the screws back out because of poor design and the rivets did nothing to add structure. Poor material choice is enough to make me back away from a product, but poor hardware design makes it an absolute no brainer.

That being said, I can’t speak for the quality of this Astro Pneumatic table. I just didn’t want people to be led astray and think the HICO is a good buy just because of the extra function or two.

Woot! Any chance you guys can get more of these today?

Sorry. Looks like we sold out.

Damn… missed it. Any chance of getting more in the future?