2-Pack Akro-Mils 44-Drawer Hardware & Craft Cabinets

2-Pack Akro-Mils 44-Drawer Hardware & Craft Cabinets
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, May 04 to Thursday, May 05) + transit
Condition: New


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Reviews over at Blain’s Farm and Fleet

Basically, these are the same price on Woot as they are on that Farm and Fleet website (don’t know about shipping, though). I still may order them, though, as my current organizer is looking ratty and I’d be able to organize everything.

4.4 stars, 1,221 reviews, $26.54 each at the mothership.


[MOD EDIT] Ours is 2-pack.

I use one of these in my classroom for the ubiquitous “Teacher Toolbox” (google it - it’s everywhere) and it is pretty awesome. Honestly if we weren’t in the middle of trying to move (and therefore not get MORE stuff) I’d be picking these up in a heartbeat.

Sounds like a challenge.

What does the “44” MEAN and should I assume these are empty?

Great question - there are 44 drawers total and the photo is just illustrative of the types of product it can hold. The drawers arrive empty and ready for your own stuff.


Do these have any mounting holes on the back to hang them on a wall?

Yes. The video provided in the description shows the back mounting cutouts as well as the standard mounting holes.

Yes, it does have mounting holes on the back as seen here:


It’s odd, but my friend in Australia asked about these because they aren’t available there. Said he really wanted some for hobby supplies. The cost for shipping them is prohibitive.

Hey Akro, What kind of plastic are these made out of? If it’s the softer PP5 plastic, I’m all in!

When I was a kid, I put my Legos in something very similar. Now I need it for home projects… I wish I was still a kid

That $26.54 is for a single unit (not a two pack), just in case that wasn’t clear in the original post.

Is there any mechanism which locks the drawers in place making it easier to transport or preventing a disaster if it were to tip forward slightly?

EDIT: The question was asked on Amazon and the answer is NO the drawers do not lock in place.

And a list price here that’s $30 more than Amazon’s list price, who owns woot…? How is Amazon’s list price $70 for two and Woot’s list price $100? 60% savings FAIL. Such failure since Amazon acquisition :’( much sad.

That would be due to the fact that list price/MSRP is set by the manufacturer, not the seller. List price and the price you see advertised by any store front such as woot &amazon are not the same thing.

Yea, I know it’s a two pack, that’s why I mentioned the “each” price on Amazon.