2-Pack Akro-Mils 44-Drawer Hardware & Craft Cabinets

2-Pack Akro-Mils 44-Drawer Hardware & Craft Cabinets
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 5-7 business days. (Monday, Jul 04 to Tuesday, Jul 05) + transit
Condition: New


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Reviews over at Blain’s Farm & Fleet

Cheaper…buy two get free shipping


I’ve bought these Akro-Mils sets 4 separate times (including today). These are higher quality organizers, in my opinion, compared to other brands (Harbor Freight, cheap ones on Amazon) based on my personal experience.
My wife and I use these for everything: her jewelry, make-up, 2 for Lego, as well as 4 in the garage, for garage things.
I recommend these.

Cheaper … and flimsier …

Your link is to the 18-drawer, not 44-drawer model. Interestingly, their picture does not match their description.

Here we go, $28 for one.

Are we really sure there are 2 this time?

You are referring to the most confusing woot I have ever done. a couple months ago this exact item came up. I bought (just like you), but got an email a few days later saying “it is only one, our bad”. Woot asked, “do you still want it if it is only one”… I had a specific need for 1 (and the other was just a bonus), so I said, “yes.”

well… they shipped me TWO… and charged me what I originally expected!

Then came the opportunity to pick up another two for the same price as an apology for their mistake of only being able to send one.(same price as today I think)

Well… I love these things and figured, “why not?”… so I picked up another two. Now I have four… 3 are in service and one is in storage. you confused?..well so was I. If I get too many more, I will need a drawer cabinet for my drawer cabinets!

I have one of these already (and now, thanks to my not reading carefully, have four more on the way.)

I use them for sorting Lego, and they’re great. The drawers aren’t so deep that it’s hard to get the tiny pieces out, and the fact that they’re removable is a big plus.

I have two complaints, though. One is that the back isn’t solid, and there isn’t really a “ceiling” on the drawers. Which means if you ever decide to move, I highly recommend emptying it before packing it. (Or you can sort the jumble afterwards)

The other is that the drawers slide VERY easily, and I have a bad habit of pulling them all the way out unexpectedly. I think that’s more user error, though.

Overall, I really the one I have, and I’d already planned on buying more, so this deal is right on time.

Very jacked up link. The title matches the last of the pictures (18 drawer) and the details match the first two pictures (39 drawer). Neither are 44 drawer. I wonder what ‘Sears’ will actually send?

I got 1 set of 2 last time around. These are good quality, not like most others that break easily. Plenty of storage room for my electronics hobby component collection. The price is well worth it for the quality.

During the last Woot!off I also fell for the “In The Box: (1) Akro-Mils 10744A 44-Drawer Hardware & Craft Cabinets 2-Pack, Red and Gray” 2-pack and received one. And to top it off they sent the same email as someone else, “Sorry about the confusion, you can send it back because we don’t have any more”. Well woot!? it looks as if you have more now, how about sending me the other one so the purchase aligns with the ad?

I am pretty sure the “we don’t have any more” line is just part of their costumer service default response sheet/template. I received a broken item and emailed them about it. The next day, I receive an email saying they don’t have anymore and they issued me a refund (saying I could keep it). HOWEVER, they were selling that item again that very day! I asked why there were actively selling an item they didn’t have any of, but never heard a reply. I bought the item again and threw away the broken one. All was just fine in the end, but really scratched my head on that one.


Take out the drawer, cover with Saran Wrap or the like. Reinstall. Ship.

I also bought a 2 pack, and I got 2!
These are great, but they have been offered 3 times since I got 'em and I’m gonna be upset when the price drops!

Or not. I’ll probably get more!

When I moved, I just wrapped the entire assembly with multiple layers of Saran Wrap, front and back, taped securely. This kept the drawers firmly in place, along with all their contents (beads in my case).