2-Pack Bamboo Memory Foam Pillows - 2 Sizes

These are horrible! We had bought one for $40 that looked very similar to this, We bought the king sized ones for $30 and had to stop using them after a month. They are like sleeping on a rock. Skip this!!

I’m confused. You think these are horrible because you bought pillows that looked like this?

I bought a couple of these a few months ago. They are very hard. Not much give to them. I put them on the end of the bed now(on top of the blankets) and they keep my feet warm.

These pillows are pretty freaking hard. I cut mine open and took out around 1/3 of the stuffing and now it’s good to go.

Bought these pillows a few months ago and I love them. They are heavy and a little solid at first but within seconds your head sinks into them. If you like a harder pillow these are for you…

Sad to see some negative reviews here. I can NEVER find a nice stiff pillow. They are all super soft. These pillows are perfect for me, probably the best pillows I’ve ever used. I will probably buy more every time I see them on w00t because I can never find a good pillow like this in stores.

To each their own but buy this if you don’t like your pillow to be too soft.

These pillows are very firm seemingly because they are packed too tightly. This puts your head at an awkward angle even for a side sleeper. Not what I was looking for at all. Way too large and firm.

Do not buy these pillows. Hard as a rock and never could get them to lay flat. The two pillows came shipped from Amazon in wrap and I followed the directions but to no avail.

However, my 9 year old likes them - kids are strange.

Yes, out of the package these are very firm and stiff. However, put them in the dryer on the fluff cycle for 30 minutes and they are a totally different pillow! They fluff up and are much more comfortable.

I bought a similar pair months ago, and love them. They are high, firm, but conform to you after a few minutes from your body heat.
These…not so much. Like other posters, I thought these would be the same as the ones I have. After 4 days out of the packing, one has plumped up to twice as high as the other, and the two of them combined are as high/full as one of my earlier purchases. Overall still a great price for a two-pack, but I wish they were of the same height, so they would look nicer on the bed. Haven’t used them to sleep with yet, the jury is still out on how comfortable they will be.

Terrible product. Fell apart after I took it out of the box!