2-Pack BlackOut Curtains-Choose Style and Color

These DO NOT block anything close to 100% of the light. I will need to pin dark fabric inside to darken the room enough for my 6 month old grandson to sleep. Call me disappointed.

If these are the same ones sold on Woot before (made by Duck River Textiles), just know that they do not block out 100% of the light even if you buy a dark colored curtain.

The curtain is thicker than most and blocks out about 90% of the light. But if you install for a east or west facing window where you get lots of direct sunlight, light will seep through the fabric even if you have your window blinds down and shut. It still allows maybe 95% of the light through a north or south facing window. It’s thermal properties are similar.

Anyway, for $20 you have to be realistic with your expectations. Vampires need to double up on these to block out 100% of the light. So buy two sets.

Could someone explain what’s to like about this hanging style? I would constantly feel like I’m inside a hotel shower.

What color of metal in the grommets? Silver? Or bronze?

Does “set of two” mean curtains for 2 windows (4 panels total?)

No, it means 2 panels. Many window panels are sold as singles. These are sold as two panels.

How are these for noise canceling? That’s actually more important to me than 100% blackout

Vendor confirms the grommet are platinum.

Does it come with the curtain rods?

Rods are separate, but we’ve got 'em here.

What is the brand of the curtains?

In some cases, to protect the brand’s marketplace presence, we aren’t able to provide the manufacturer.

I bought these (or something very similar) seven months ago.

If you want them to block any light you can’t stretch them apart. They will have to stay folded together on the rod, so one panel will need to be about 6 inches wide and you’ll need a lot more panels than you thought.

But I will NEVER buy 100% polyester curtains again! They stunk up my apartment with a plastic smell that is only just now starting to go away. So even though I could use 4 more I will stick to cotton curtains from now.

Stuff them in your ears and let us know.

Hah! Agreed. And don’t give me any crap about it is “contemporary”… it is ugly and betrays exactly what it is - a cheapskate way to cover a window.

Does each panel measure 37x84? Or is that the total of them both?

Per the features:
Each panel measures 37" x 84"

Can someone clarify the styles, “basic” & “textured”? What is basic? Does it have like a satin or smooth finish? In the pictures, the the basic curtains look like they have a texture to them whereas the textured pictures look as though they have the more smooth finish

Good morning Em420247,

There is a detailed photo of the textured fabric sandwiched between photos of “Basic Charcoal” and "
Textured Cloud Dance"

It looks to me like the “textured” option includes tiny striations in the color of the fabric weave, similar to a heathered t-shirt or a dupioni silk.