2-Pack BlackOut Curtains-Choose Style and Color

The drop down menu lists an option for textured…?
Not sure what that means.

Those Home Depot ones are per panel. I learned that the hard way when I bought curtains a few years ago. Woot is definitely cheaper, of course these are 84 inches, which is what I needed at the time, and were hard to find (and ended up not really blackout curtains). I wish this amazing deal had been available then.

If you scroll to the second set of pics, the middle one gives a sort of idea what textured is. Looks like it may just mean not a solid color. But not all the colors are available in Basic or Textured, so you might what to check which ones are available in the drop-down menu depending on the color you want.

These are nice and dark and somewhat insulating. I just wish they had longer 96" panels

Feeling clueless on measuring… My windows are 66", 68", and 70" wide… I’m thinking double the 37" width is probably not going to cover them “as they hang.” Would it be best for me to buy two sets for each window? Would it be silly to put three panels on a window, or should I just figure on buying two sets (4 panels) for each window? Thanks.

Due to the folded pattern of the curtain, you would need about 75" of curtain to cover a 51" window (the general guide is 1.5 times the window width.) Two of the 40" curtains (at $9.75 each, or #19.50 for the pair) would be appropriate for a 51" window. but none of the ones that you listed would be sufficient as a single panel.

I bought two sets of these (in silver, I think- it was a while ago) and am using them in my bedroom. They’re not as good as some blackout curtains I’ve seen, but I’ve slept past 3pm with them closed and they do keep my room (which has an east-facing window and is at the corner of the house) a lot cooler than it was when I was just relying on blinds.

Basically, if I needed more I’d definitely buy them again.

Rule of thumb that I’ve read is to double your window width for panels like this. The more you add, the fuller the look/pleats.

What brand would I look for to match a single panel to this?

Home Essentials from Amrapur

We washed ours, soaked them in borax and vinegar, washed them 3 more times and can not get out the horrible chemical smell, any suggestions from anyone???

Fabric spray perhaps?

Maybe? We ended up getting new curtains instead… these are sitting in our garage and now make our whole garage smell… not sure why we can’t get rid of the chemical odor…

You might try putting them in a bag with a dryer sheet. Even better, push the air out of the bags. My brother swears by those dryer sheets for removing odors.