2-Pack BlackOut Curtains-Choose Style and Color

Does 2 pack mean for two windows or the 2 panels per one pole?
Thanks for your time

Description reads, ‘Each panel measures 37" x 84"’ Normally one package of curtains, or one “set” contains the two panels, so when they’re closed, you can push one panel to the left side and one to the right side. In this way they frame the window.

If you were to hang both panels side-by-side, they would not actually cover a 74-inch-wide window (2 x 37-inches)because curtains are meant to be somewhat pleated or wavy, even when they’re drawn shut.

I still think that wording is ambiguous. The description says “Set of 2” but then its a “2-pack” in the title. So I’m lead to believe is 2 sets (i.e. 4 panels) but at the same time most times they would make it clear if that was the case.

I have purchased similarly previously here from Woot! There are 2 panels in a twp pack. :slight_smile:

I bought ten (10) sets. Several have PIN HOLES in the fabric. CHEAP CHINESE CRAP!!!

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