2-Pack BlackOut Curtains-Choose Style and Color

Anyone know if the wine is purple or reddish?

Is the color on both sides? HOA require white outside

From the “features” tab - second bullet…
“Features white foam backing to block the most light”

Got 3 sets one of the last times they were on Woot, and the wine is much more purple than red. I think it’s gorgeous and am ordering another set to finish off the room.

do they have a wand to open them or must you grab the fabric

No wand included. You could add your own, I guess.

The title says 2-pack and the description says set of 2. So is this for 2 sets of 2 for a total of 4 curtain panels?

You are getting two panels. For some reason, some window panels are sold as singles.

Anyone have the sesame already? Is it more gold cream or yellow?

I don’t live there anymore but this would be a big seller in Anchorage and the rest of the land of the midnight sun. Woot should rethink the shipping policy on these items.

I know! That is just crazy! Great deal.

Does anyone have the model number? I got a pack thinking it was for two windows but it was just for one. I need to try to find another somewhere else so I can match it on my other window.

Here’s what I found:

H.E. 5BOCRTNG-WNE-ST 2Pk BlkOut curtains Wine Wine

HE = Home Essentials