2-Pack Exquisite Hotel Signature Collection Down Alt Pillows-3 Sizes

I must say, this woot chaps my arse. But hey, I can buy these pillows, strap them on and lessen the pain!!!

Woot Woot!!!

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2-Pack Exquisite Hotel Signature Collection Down Alt Pillows-3 Sizes
Price: $19.99
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Condition: New


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Are these soft, medium, firm, extra firm?

these are Awful pillows. I got them last time they were offered. They are not exquisite. the hemmed edges were coming unraveled before i took them out of the bag. they are factory seconds or factory rejects.

Are they pretty soft?

Don’t waste your money. These pillows offer no support and are poorly made. I ended up donating them. The description is misleading.

How firm are these pillows?

what weighs more, a pound of bricks or a pound of feathers? a lb of feathers because you have to carry around the weight of what you did to those poor defenseless birds. down is cruel these pillows ARE TERRIBLE the younger the bird the softer the pillow…

Are you a ducking moron? The ad says at least 3 times that it is polyester gel fiber/down alternative.

Found the vegan…

Cheap but not in cost. I got these last time for the guest bed. Fine if you never use them except for looks or maybe to fill the Decorative Shams. However you can get better made less expensive choices at other stores.

When I think of them defeathering these poor defenseless polyesters I get sick inside.
I’ve stopped by all down alternatives and now I only eat cage free, hormone free and organically fed polyester. You really can taste a difference.

i agree. the worst pillows ever.

They sell this brand at Sam’s Club as well. I bought a set from them recently - not this exact pillow, but the same brand - and LOVE them. I could even hear the polyester birds still chirping, they were so fresh! I think they were only $16.99 there, too, so it’s a better deal. Go to the store and compare them and pick the one you like!

For all those people who were like, “Man, those pillows at the hotel last night were off-the-chain!”

It clearly says “Down Alternative.” There are NO feathers in these pillows. It is just “polyester gel fibers.”

These are soft pillows, preferred by stomach sleepers.

I got really excited at first. I thought they were selling Tupac pillows. Then I finished my coffee.

“they are not exquisite”

Maybe I’m still half asleep, but that made me laugh so hard I almost spit my coffee out. I read it in total deadpan voice…thanks for the humor.