(2-Pack) Homeopathic Fever Reducer

(2-Pack) Homeopathic Fever Reducer

Is there a best by or expire date on these?

Hi there.

“Vendor told me no expiration on these since they are homeopathic. Google search confirmed this also. There are a few different websites stating this.”

Homeopathic home kits can be passed down from one generation to the next.
Conditions of storage are important, though.

Things that can degrade a homeopathic remedy:

humidity ( avoid storing in a kitchen or bath)
strong aromatics/odors (think menthol/eucalyptus/camphor/perfumes)
strong electro/magnetic fields (next to your router, cell or electronics charger)
strong light (windows, screens)

Generally, a closet shelf or drawer in a bedroom is ideal.

The 2 most popular homeopathics in the us are:

Oscillococcinum for early signs of colds and flu.(feels like you never got the worst of it)
Arnica 6x or 6c for muscular strains/injuries, surgeries, sometimes osteoarthritis. Can be helpful prophylactically for dental work or before playing intense sports (hockey/ running a 10k/competitive anything). (feels like something happened, but not that bad)

Probably the greatest gift of Homeopathy is teaching us to listen for small changes on a daily basis and correcting imbalances when they are first noticeable. Keeps you balanced and out of the Drs office.