2-Pack Kobra Wifi OBD2 Car Code Scanners

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2-Pack Kobra Wifi OBD2 Car Code Scanners
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3/16/2018 - $27.99

Seriously, why would anyone need more than one of these.

Even if you had a fleet of cars, why more than one at this level.

I dunno, give one to someone else? Have a backup if you lose one?

Snicker snicker lol :grin:

But will it clear codes so you can continue in ignorant bliss?

Sticky purge valves on the EVAP system cause millions of Check Engine Light activations annually across our great country. It is the most common reason that the computer sets a trouble code. The ability to reset the light and shut off that code for $26 is a dream come true. You can’t predict when the purge valve will stick again, it could be months. And big deal, a little liquid gasoline sits in the charcoal canister longer than God calls for. Big deal.

Are you fecking kidding me?

That thing was a PAIN IN THE ASS to replace! I didn’t have to do it?


You have a 50/50 chance one doesn’t work…I bought 1 and ya know what…It didn’t work.

I had to do that last summer. You’re not kidding: PAIN IN THE ASS!!! I was just going to leave the “check engine” light on (and put a piece of electrical tape over it), but I was planning on selling it and didn’t want that to be a deciding factor for someone not to buy…

There are a lot of apps that you can run that show various engine stats while driving. So having two if you have multiple cars might be worthwhile.

Where do you plug it in?

In the odb port. It’s probably under your dash or driver’s seat. In have one reader like this. It’s ok. Connecting my phone via WiFi is a little fiddly and sometimes it takes several tries to get the app on my phone to see the reader.

Is there a difference between this item and this item:


The item at the link has the name Kobra in its description, so I was just wondering what the difference was. Thanks!

So when you’re on vacation and the CEL comes on you don’t have to say “dangit, my code reader is 10 hours away in my other car, it’s Sunday night and the local Wal-Mart is out of stock of both the $20 and $50 code readers”.

Or, visit your friendly AutoZone or O’Reilly and they will reset it for free . . .

However, I will admit I have a different brand of one of these and it’s Bluetooth but it is an incredible little gadget. It is worth purchasing Torque from the App Store and set up custom dashboards to view gauges of yesteryear (i.e. Pressure, Temp, Voltage) that today’s cars only light a lamp if there is an issue.

If you buy one (and I recommend you do) also jump over and buy the Torque app for your device. (Hint: It is AWESOME on a tablet)

Nothing I hope, because I ordered that one! For $10.07 with the 20% discount today it was hard to say no.

With an appropriate app you can. The reader just reads the info from the car.

I like Torque.

How did you get the 20% discount?

Probably the Coupon Quest