2-Pack Kobra Wifi OBD2 Car Code Scanners

It’s automatic and listed right on the product page: "Promotion Available: Save 20% each on Qualifying items offered by Wuca when you purchase 1 or more. "

Out of stock. :frowning:

I can use my OBD reader (different brand) to monitor and log hundreds of (probably useless) data points while I’m driving, it’s always in my car. If I had a 2nd, I’d put it in my other car and use it the same way.

Cars won’t pass inspection with any unresolved codes (just resetting it won’t cut it) in my state. Are there places where they don’t care?

I’m pretty sure putting a piece of tape over the lights isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Here they plug their device into the OBD port and send a command to turn the light on. If it doesn’t go on, you fail.

If there are any active codes, you fail.

If the car hasn’t been driven enough since the error codes were reset, you fail.

I suspect they live in an area that does not have vehicle inspections. There’s quite a few.

No inspections in MS.
I have a similar gizmo, and it helped me figure out that I screwed up a timing belt replacement. The one I have indicated that timing was VERY advanced (wrong timing mark).

Yes, Oklahoma did away with inspections completely. No one even looks at your car now when you register and tag it.

One thing they fail to tell you
#1 you can download free app
#2 it gives you limited imfo
#3 they charge like $20 a yr or $5 a month for the app that allows you to clear codes . Go to AutoZone or advance Auto they’ll do it for free …

My $10 version of this reader I picked up from AMZ arrived today (see above), and it suggested a free app called “CarScanner” (search “car scanner elm” under iOS). Turns out is highly rated, the developer seems quite responsive, and returns a TON of info on the free version. The “pro” is only $5 one time.

Anyhow, only have had it long enough to plug in and connect to check everything worked. The scanner fired right up, my phone connected to the scanner WiFi w/o a problem, and the app found and connected also without issue.

Time will tell, but initially I am pleased with this purchase.

Just got my 2-Pack of code scanners today. One for me, one for my daughter’s 2000 Mercury (which really needs it!). Just tried the free Android version of the “Car Scanner ELM OBD2” app by OvZ. Connect via WiFi with no problem. I had it graphing parameters as I drove around the block. Tried the second scanner, it too worked. We got these primarily to see engine codes and clear them. But I can see a whole host of other uses. Happy so far!